Renewable Energy

With thousands of acres of land ideally positioned for renewable energy development, University Lands offers excellent opportunities for clean energy projects on PUF Lands. We are committed to facilitating sustainable energy development on our lands and we’re working to be one of the largest lessors of renewable energy projects.

University Lands’ energy portfolio is diverse and growing. In 2020 we expanded our renewable energy portfolio with 3 new solar projects across 46,000 acres and we continue to actively seek new development opportunities. Our current portfolio includes 3 solar and 3 wind projects in operation on 20,000 acres. Adding the 3 new solar projects coming online in 2021, we will have a total of 9 clean energy projects across 66,000 acres of PUF Lands. This position makes us one of the largest single lessors of renewable energy in the state of Texas.

The interactive map below shows the renewable energy projects on PUF Lands.